Original painting in a lovely style, of five of the eighteen Lohan (Arhats). This very old – and very large – painting is in a classic style and is assumed to be a rendering of the five “great Bhikshu” to whom Buddha entrusted the propagation of Buddhism after his Parinirvana (his physical passing). These five Holy Ones would likely be Mahakasyapa, Pindola, Kuntes-pan-tan, Rahula and Nakula. The Lohan are the followers of Buddha who spread the word and spirit of Buddha. The Arhats are those who have reached the end of the Eight-Fold Path to enlightenment, have obtained perfection and can give this perfection to others. Gautama Buddha was himself the Arhat Sumedha in an earlier incarnation. Arhats and Lohan are popular in Tibet, China, Japan and Korea, although this is a Chinese painting. In China there were a total of eighteen Lohan. Lohan are also known as Sthavira, Gnas-Brtan, Netan Cudug and Dain-i-Darughsan (the vanquisher of enemies), Buta-Aqci (steady or constant ones) and Rakan. The Bhikshu are depicted riding a Kei-loon (a mystical and very powerful unicorn guardian); a fan (representing meditation); a beggars staff and bowl (symbolizing detachment from craving); scrolls of enlightenment (spiritual knowledge) and the jade scepter of power (the power of enlightenment). This large scroll measures 79″x25″ while the painting itself is 47″x19.75″ (119cm x 50cm). There are some age marks, perhaps


ValueUS $7,850
Item #:OC003




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