A set of brass Buddhist statues, the Four Guardians. The Guardian Kings of the Four Directions are usually found either as statues or as paintings on the walls outside the main halls of most temples in Tibet and China. These figures are Vaishravana, the King of the North; Virupaksha, the King of the West; Dhrtarashtra, the King of the East; and Virudhaka, the KIng of the South. The figures are dressed in armor, eathc holds a characteristic attribute, and each stands upon a base of mountains symbolizing the fourth terrace of Mount Meru, the center of the universe, on which they supposedly live. As the reporters of good & evil they are called the Lokapalas (Guardians of the World) or Rastrapalas (Guardins of the Nation). This beautiful set of 20th Century statues are highly detailed. Expressive faces, detail armour, the small scale only intensified that the skill of the scupter.
Size: 3.5″ height x 1.75″ width.


ValueUS $580
Item #:2DECR11




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