The passion for Asian beauty and history is fulfilled in the art of collecting Asian antiquities, art and antiques. To touch a statue created from third century BC is a thrill beyond measure. To see the intricate brushstroke of a master painter of centuries past. To meditate on the ancient serene features of a stone Buddha once worshipped by tens of thousands. Antique Zen is about sharing these delights. Here you will find not only the most beautiful art and antiques from the orient – but much of the knowledge of treasured ancestors. We are committed to sharing our expertise and will continue to add to this collection of articles – and antiques. We invite you to return monthly. 

About Antique Zen

Antique Zen Antiques From Asia

Antique Zen's collection is well known among collectors. We collect from around the world, from known collectors, museums and Asian-specialty auction. Our antiques span the ages, from 3rd century BC or BCE (Before Common Era) to most centuries of the Common Era (CE, or AD in classical notations).

We have a special focus on Buddhist antiques (hence the Zen in Antique Zen), with some very fine Daoist (Taoist) pieces, along with Hindu Deities. What links our art is a common bond of the Spirit. We rarely collect antiques without spiritual significance. The highest forms of art, throughout history, were almost universally religious in nature, from the Sistine Chapel, to the great Buddhas found along the famous silk road. Our art and antiques and antiquities come primarily from:

  • Tibet
  • India
  • Japan
  • China



Antique Zen Collection 

Antique Zen specializes in fine antique orientalia. Antique Zen invests in only the finest, museum quality antiques and art from around the world, for connoisseurs of Asian antiques. Our mission is to discover, collect, share and learn about all things ancient and Asian. We are Buddhist and passionate about oriental art, Asian antiques, orientalia and Buddhist art and antiques. If you are here just to learn, please read on and study our FAQ section. To view and learn about our stunning collection visit our Showcase, Highlight Gallery and Antiques and Art. 

Always changing, Antique Zen collects and sells oriental antiques and art on-line – from museums, auctions, private estates – and from around the world: China, Japan, Tibet, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Orient. Ancient artifacts from as early as 300 BC grace our collection. Buddhist art and antiques include antique carved reliefs and statues, Ming Dynasty statues, Tibetan bronzes and antique thankas, old Chinese jade and jewelry and Buddhist art from most periods and cultures. Antique Zen offers only the finest of Buddhist and Asian orientalia.