Investing in Orientalia

Orientalia and Asian Antiques or fine art are the fastest growing niche in invested collectables. Values of orientalia continue to outpace other categories.

Many of our artifacts have provenance and detailed histories Any flaws should be noted in the descriptions but as antiques we do not guarantee condition.* .

We accept wire transfer or certified cheque. The collection of art can be viewed by appointment in Canada. Due to high values, fragility and insurance we cannot ship for inspection. We will describe the pieces in complete detail, provide pictures, measurements and a complete list of any flaws or details. We will then invite you to view in person.

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* Flaws and wear are normal and sometimes desirable in antiquities. In particular patinas and wear on wood and bronze is often preferred. It is best not to attempt to clean tarnish or repair chips/flaws as this can diminish rather than enhance value.

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