sold-150A stunning and complete trinity, rarely found together by collectors, of the three Blessed Buddhas: Shakyamuni Buddha (center), Amitabha Buddha and Bhaisajyaguru (Manla). In China and Japan, amongst the Greater Vehicle of Buddhism, the Trinity is widely venerated. Thick gold gilt over very detailed solid bronze distinguish this very special – and rare – trinity. Worshipped together, they represent Wisdom (Shakyamuni), Spirituality (the Savior Amida) and Healing (Manla, Yaoshi Fo or Bhaisajyaguru). These are, worldwide, the most worshipped and Blessed of the Buddhas: Shakyamuni, who opened the eyes of the world; Amitabha, who saved the suffering of the world; Manla, who healed the world. Meditating on the Blessed Triad of Buddhas is said to generate miracles. These solid gold gilt bronzes are small and intricate and very special, eyes opened for temple worship, and meant for devout Buddhists rather than collectors. Size is 4 1/4 x 3 1/4 inches.


Item #:OC008 (3 pieces)




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