S44dview1Himalayan bronze, Dakini, 18th Century. Dakini, is a Sanskrit word which refers to a “space-goer,” “celestial woman,” or “cloud fairy.” She exists in a sphere of existence where inward and outward are completely united. A dakini is the most important female principle, representing the ever-changing flow of female energy. In tantric Buddhism, dakinis are the guardians of teachings and are considered the supreme embodiments of wisdom.

The dakini can help change human weaknesses into wisdom and understanding, or the concept of self into enlightened energy. They can appear as beautiful maidens in a variety of calm, wrathful or fierce forms. They are generally depicted wearing only their ornaments, and in a dancing or lunging position. Their fiercer forms serve to help overcome obstacles in our aspiration to make spiritual progress.

Like many other dakinis, this 18th Century Himalayan bronze wields a flaying knife or cleaver to strip the flesh of appearance from the bones of wisdom/truth. Lacks original base, now on a modern base.

Size is 4 1/2″ height x 3″ width.


ValueUS $1,850
Item #:2DECR19




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