A splendidly detailed thanka depicting a hundred cosmic Buddhas in a powerful mandala (symbolically a hundred – the actual number is difficult to count), surmounted with 100 armed Avalokitesvara (“He who hears the cries of the world”), the Buddhist savior. Many of the Tibetan guardians – fierce and snarling demon protectors – adorn the quadrants and the thanka is wrapped in a border of dragons. Numerous sacred animals and symbols. As an object of meditation, the detail of the mandala is extensive and challenging. As an object of art, this is a brilliant piece. Painted in Tibet and framed in three fabrics, the overall scroll measures 54″ x 36″ (137cm x 91 cm) and the thanka itself is 37″ x 28″ (94cm x71cm).


ValueUS $4,850
Item #:OP013




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