Vajravana, in China, is the guardian of the North, the most powerful of the Boddhist four kings – “he who is knowing” and “he who hears all in the kingdom.” The most popular guardian deity, Wei To, is his vassal, and in China he is considered as the Buddhist diety of wealth and defense. He is often called the “black warrior” because his color is symbolically black and he presides over winter. He is shown here, holding the sacred mongoose. In Japan he is called Tamon-ten or Bishamon-ten, in China Duowen and the Mongols called him Bisman Tngri. In Tibet he is most often known as Rnam Thos-kyi. He is known for his miracles and was worshiped by the hermit Myo-ren in Japan. Although he is a protector from evil, and is often seen trampling demons, here he rides the magical Keilown. In his arm is the magical staff or Trident of Wisdom.


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