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Buddha Weekly
For up to date information on all “vehicles” of Buddhism, this online magazine (webzine) with subscription by email (Ezine) is very engaging and informative. Includes news on Tibetan Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Chan Buddhism, Pure Land Buddhism, events, news and personalities, including coverage of leaders, visionaries, gurus and monks:

guan-yin-560Sanskrit Script
“Sanskrit, and related languages, can be written in a wide variety of scripts – including Br?hm?, Karo??h?, Gupta, Tibetan, and with some modifications¬†oman (the one we use to write English)…”

Buddhist Sacred Texts Online

Vajrayogini Site
Buddhist Tantric Practice Support

Mantras for Recitation
From Geshe Tenzin Zopa’s site. Guru’s kindness is equal to the Buddhas…

Om Mani Padme Hum
The meaning and the practice…

Gesh Tenzin Zopa’s Blog

Dharma Haven
Dharma and healing, Tibetan practice, Tibetan medicine and more…

Amida Trust

Buddhist Festivals

General information on Buddhism

List of Zen Buddhist centers

General information on Zen Buddhism

About Bodhidharma

Tibetan Buddhism

Online Buddhist Publications

Frequently Asked Questions from alt.zen

Shambhala Sun Online

Wisdom Publications

Zen Meditation Instruction


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