Wei-To is precious and unique to China. He is depicted clad in full armour and holding sword. Wei-To is a general under the Four Heavenly Kings. He guards virtually every Buddhist Temple, standing at the entrance, facing Shakyamuni Buddha or Amida Buddha. Wei-To is much beloved in China, and is a Bodhisattva guardian special to Guan Yin and the protector of those in trouble or need. Although nearly every temple in China has a Wei-To, quality antiques are difficult to find. Most have ‘broken’ or missing swords. This is a very special Wei-To, nearly in perfect condition ( one broken finger). This is carved from one solid piece of wood. Nice patina and standing nearly four feet tall. Great facial expression and body gesture, 19th century. Cracks and wears because of age.
Size is 48″ height x 20″ width x 20″ depth.


ValueUS $16,850
Item #:2DECR57




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