Statue: 19″ height, 17″ width. Base: 3.75″ height, 8″ width. 5″ depth.
A thousand very detailed arms reach out to save the world from sorrow and suffering. Eleven heads look in all directions with one thousand eyes, surmounted by Amitabha Buddha. Although this representation of the Compassionate Bodhisattva is popular in China as ‘Thousand Arm Guan Yin’, he is worshipped in Tibet and typically called by the Sanskrit name. Unlike typical – and newer statues – this Avalokitesvara has incredible detail, with every arm distinguished, carrying many of the symbolic sacred objects: pilgrims staff (khakkhara), Arrow (sara), Moon (somo), blue lotus (uptala), vase with the dew of life and many others. Some hands gesture in powerful mudras and the central hands are folded in prayer. This is a temple worshiped, ‘eyes opened’ Bodhisattva, and should be considered only by true Sangha and Buddhists. Solid bronze. 18th Century.


ValueUS $9,850
Item #:OC007




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