Wood Carving “eight immortals”. Legendary Taoist Immortals, seven male and one female, are said to have originated in the Han dynasty ( Western Han, 206 BC – 240 BC). The figures are recognizable by their attributes: Zhong Liquan with a fan; Zhang Guolao with a frog-shaped musical instrument (foreground); Lu Dongbin with a sword and a fly-whisk; Cao Guojiu with a pair of tablets resembling castanets; Li Tieguai with an iron crutch; Han Xiangzi with a flute; Lan Caihe with a flower basket; and He Xianggu with a lotus.This is a beautifully carved work of art. 19th century. Highly detail, expressive faces. All riding on different celestial animals. Gold gilted. All carved from one whole piece of wood.
Size is 18″ height x 62″ width x3″ depth.


ValueUS $7,500
Item #:OS017




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