Buddhist Antiques

For thirty years, Antique Zen has specialized in the finest Buddhist and Asian antiques. Our mission is to preserve, collect and distribute irreplaceable sacred and Buddhist sculptures, one-of-a-kind antiquities and museum-quality fine art.


Enlightened Statues Collection

Our precious collection of sacred antique Buddhas and Bodhisattva statues and sculptures came from museums, auctions, and private estates. For three decades, we have collected from around the world: Tibet, Nepal, Japan, China, and Thailand. In our collection you will find Ming Dynasty statues, stunning Tibetan bronzes, stone-carved antiquities and hard-to-find deities.


One-of-a-Kind Antiquities

We couldn't resist, along the way, collecting truly special antiquities that might not be considered Buddhist, but are certainly precious, including: a rare framed Peking opera puppet masterpiece, stunning Meiji period "four guardians" room divider, deep-cast bronze dragon urns, bone sculptures, and many hard-to-find pieces.


Precious Antique Fine Art

Our collection of antique fine art is not just precious because of sacred imagery, but also by virtue of diversity, uniqueness and provenance. From museum-quality thangkas, to 19th-century Chinese embroideries and Japanese woodblocks, to framed original pith paper paintings, we collect only the truly exceptional.

The smell of jasmine wafts across the south entrance of the temple. You must bend to enter – short, elaborately gilt temple doors force you to bow. As your eyes adjust to the flame of oil lamps you glimpse the reassuring images of the 'guardians' who protect the Holy shrine – faces strong, yet beautiful and peaceful. Light streams in the windows to the west and east but your eyes are drawn to the serene face of Buddha's abiding place in the north. You are studying the gilt ceiling or the long rows of statues of Bodhisattvas that reside on either side of the Buddha.

Inspire the


Asian Antiques, antiquities and art have the unique power to draw you into a vortex of time. Whether you stand in a museum, staring up in awe at a forty foot Buddha, or sit in your family room holding a tiny two hundred year old Boddhisattva, these antiquities have a special power that triggers our ability to visualize, and imagine. We journey. All art and antiques have this special power. We wonder. We dream. We learn.

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